Welcome to the Soundwave Blog!

Tucked away in a tiny fishing village 45km south of Zadar airport is a wondrous habitation. A place where boisterous festivals goers, laid-back holidaymakers and sun and sea enthusiasts merge in a trifecta of hedonistic fun. This luscious land is an asylum for music lovers all year round and last year we visited this little sanctuary, and brought Soundwave with us.

The thought of this promised land may be the one thing keeping you sane post Christmas blues. Re-calling that sun setting across the beaches of Tisno may be the only image that can battle the sight of the grey sludgy leftover snow as you leave your house in the morning. Every time you hear that one track, be it Bonobo, Channel One or De La Soul, you’re transported to a Croatian paradise.

We are here to help make that mirage a little more vivid and give you a dose of virtual sunshine. Hence you are reading the official Soundwave blog! Bringing you regular bursts of Soundwave goodness. Here you can find out what’s going on in that magical Croatian garden and get your regular festival fix. Once the festival creeps ever closer we will be bringing you the cream of all the performances with reviews, pictures and interviews. So even those seasoned Soundwavers who cant make it this year can still enjoy from home.

Until July arrives and the big day is in sight, we will be sharing some of our favorite moments and memories and asking for yours too! So keep an eye out for our posts and until then, close your eyes and imagine that sunset…