Travel / Accommodation 10

You can get to Tisno by air, land and sea and some of the best and most common options are below. In an effort to try and run this festival whilst causing as little damage to our lovely planet as possible, we encourage you to consider all possible options for travel before making your choice.

By Air

If you are travelling by air then please try and pay the small carbon offset fee that is provided as an option with most European flights nowadays. The nearest airports to the village of Tisno are Zadar (45 mins), Split (90 mins) or Zagreb (4 hrs). Flight prices do vary massively. Don’t be put off if the first ones you see are expensive, as there are plenty of cheap ways to travel out there – by flying to an airport slightly further afield you can get flights for under £70. For those with more time for an adventure, other airport options in Croatia are Dubrovnik, Rijeka or Pula. Flights to these airports tend to still be cheap when the prices to the others have increased. Also not too far away from Croatia are Ljubljana in Slovenia with Easyjet and Trieste or Venice in Italy with Ryanair. You can generally get good connections to Croatia by bus from these cities. Skyscanner compares millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal, and fast. You can book direct, with no fees at Skyscanner.

Airport Transfers

Please select from the available transfer options below and note the transfer dates for INCOMING and OUTGOING. Please also read the Terms & Conditions below.


Journey times are approximately: Split (2 hr), Zadar (1 hr 30 min).

These times may vary slightly either way depending on traffic circumstances.

Departure points are:

Split Airport – Bottom of steps outside main entrance

Zadar Airport – Outside the bar next to the terminal exit

Tisno – The main car park in the village on the waterfront (aka ‘the Dust Bowl’)

Look out for a festival rep holding a card saying ‘Official Soundwave Festival Transfer’ and a bus with the same sign in the windscreen.


All times listed are local times of departure.

Passengers are asked to arrive at the departure point no later than 30 mins prior to scheduled departure.

All tickets are non-refundable, non-amendable and non-transferable.

Services will not wait for latecomers, and Soundwave Croatia cannot be held financially responsible for losses incurred due to delays of service. Please leave enough time to catch flights or other connections.

Passengers who cannot produce their confirmation code nor verify their identity may be denied boarding.

Please note that in rare cases a service may be cancelled due to unusually low demand. In such circumstance a full refund will be issued and advice provided regarding alternative transport.

By Bus

Use the local buses and enjoy the beautiful Croatian landscape! Check out  Vollo search engine for details and timetables. Use promo code SOUNDWAVE16 to save on individual booking fees (valid for any trip until 31.08.16).

Car Rental

Check these sites for car rental in Croatia: Argus Car Hire or Uni Rent

Ride Shares

If you’re eager to meet some party people, and have some free seats left in your car, why not give a ride to a festival goer like you? Or if you would love to ride to Soundwave but you don’t have a car, why not ask for a ride instead? Check out Bla Bla Car, download the apps for Android or iPhone and share/ask for a ride to Soundwave now!

By Boat

Found a cheap flight to Ancona or somewhere else on Italy’s Adriatic coast? Why not get a ferry to Zadar or Split, the closest cities to the festival? Enjoy a stunning sea crossing whilst preparing yourself for Europe’s most beautiful festival! Check prices and timetables here: Croatia Ferries

If you want to experience Croatia at its very best, try renting a boat and discovering its many islands, before anchoring in Tisno, just a short swim away from Soundwave! Try this boat rental website: Feral Tours

Just don’t get too sea sick, ’cause there will be plenty of boat parties waiting for you when you arrive!

By Train

We advise against taking trains in Croatia. They are slower and much less reliable than the buses, and even Croatians don’t often use them. However, if you really fancy the challenge, you can travel by Eurostar to Northern Italy and then take a train through Slovenia into Croatia. See the following sites for more details: Seat 61 or Adria.