Quantic live & DJ

Quantic goes by the name of Will Holland, a musician, DJ and record producer originally from Bewdley, Uk. Based in the musical epicenter of Cali, Colombia since 2007, Holland has been exploring cumbias, salsa and Afro-Colombian music through his particular beat-focused, electronic and funk lens. His music draws upon elements of salsa, bossa nova, soul, funk and jazz. Quantic is also part of Quantic Soul Orchestra, Quantic and his Combo Barbaro, as well as the soul-folk-dance duo the Limp Twins, where he plays guitars, bass, double bass, piano, organ, saxophone and percussion. Much of his sound is original composition with little in the way of sampling of other artists’ material, as Holland explains “I try to make music that encourages people to explore beyond their usual listening circles and check scenes and genres they may otherwise never be exposed to.”
The Quantic sound is known for its quality, originality and ability to set dance halls alight the world over.