DOOM has previously worked under various pseudonyms including MF DOOM, VIKTOR VAUGHN, DANGER DOOM (with Danger Mouse) and MADVILLAIN (with Madlib). An essential and outlandish figure in underground hip hop.

The MC known as MF Doom was born Daniel Dumile in London in 1971. His family moved to Long Island, New York, when he was a child. His hip hop debut came with the group KMD, which released the album Mr. Hood on Elektra Records in 1991.

Zev Love X disappeared from the hip hop world for a few years. At the end of the 1990s, he resurfaced as MF Doom, “swearing revenge against the industry that so badly deformed him,” according to Dirty Rat Attack. The “MF” stands for “Metal Face” or “Metal Fingers.” To this day, the rapper keeps his face hidden during live performances by a metal mask.

In 1999, Doom released his debut album, Operation: Doomsday. He followed it with a flurry of productivity. In 2003 he released albums under two alternate aliases. The first was Take Me To Your Leader, as King Geedorah, named after Godzilla’s monstrous opponent. He also released the album Vaudeville Villain under a new persona: Viktor Vaughn, the Vaudeville Villain. In 2004, he teemed up with producer Madlib to form Madvillain, and they released the album Madvillainy that same year. The album, full of short, idiosyncratic tracks and scratchy beats, was well received by critics and hip hop heads alike.

His unconventional approach, linguistic dexterity and sick flow have gained DOOM an army of ardent fans from many different corners of the music world, and counts musicians of the calibre of Thom Yorke as some of his biggest supporters.